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Listen To “Check Mate !” By Check’a Fred


Check’a Fred

Check’a Fred keeps it 99+1 on “Check Mate !”

Check’a Fred isn’t just a skilled rapper, he is also an introspective rapper. Throughout the years, he has dropped music that is full of deep lyrics, killer flows, and unique punchlines. On Check Mate !, Fred turns things up on the introspective side.

The song that stands out to me the most is the title track, “Check Mate !” In it, Fred talks about his rough come-up and lets the world know what motivates him. The rest of the album features mean bangers like “Got Damn !,” bouncy bangers like “Who Want The Smoke ?,” club bangers like “Itty Bitty !,” and emotional bangers like “Those Nights !” What I like about Check’a Fred’s verses on the album is that they all feature impactful verses.

Listen to Check Mate ! below.



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