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Listen To “Wayward Blues & Co.” By David Brown


David Brown

David Brown is a vintage blues singer living in today’s crazy world.

David Brown is a blues singer-songwriter that will blow you away. First and foremost, he has an amazing voice. Secondly, you’re going to love the stories that he tells in his music. Wayward Blues & Co., David Brown’s latest project, only features five songs; however, every song is jam-packed with powerful vocal performances, riveting lyrics, and spine-chilling instrumentals.

“Leah,” “Whiskey Bottle Blues,” and “These Four Walls” are my favorite songs from Wayward Blues & Co. Each one spoke to me like it knew my phone number. I’m sure that if you have two ears, a soul, and a heart, at least two songs on the album will speak to you, too.

Listen to the flawless Wayward Blues & Co. below!



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