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GiGi Vega Lets Her Feelings Run Loose On The Very Catchy “Watchu Tryna Do?”

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GiGi Vega


If you are GiGi Vega’s crush, drop everything you are doing and go back to her crib ASAP!

GiGi Vega has a voice that can move mountains. GiGi also has a personality that will definitely resonate with you. In her latest single, “Watchu Tryna Do?,” the uber-talented singer does a good job of mixing her raw emotions about missing someone with a style of music that will make you want to move your feet!

“Watchu Tryna Do?” is an upbeat, electrifying, and irresistible pop gem. Throughout the song, GiGi Vega does a fantastic job of singing fearlessly about being extra excited to see someone that she has serious feelings for. While I love the melodies, the vocal performance, and even the electrifying beat that you hear in the song, I think it’s GiGi Vega’s willingness to let the world know that she is a hopeless romantic (That has probably had a little too much to drink) that catches my attention the most.

GiGi Vega, I get it, Tequilla makes me miss people, too!



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