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Listen To “Disguised Memories” By Jaden Miguel


Jaden Miguel

Jaden Miguel has bars for days.

Some people were put on this earth to rap; Jaden Miguel is one of those people. My biggest takeaway from the songs that I’ve heard from him is that he can ride any beat that you give him. Disguised Memories, Jaden’s latest project, is only five songs long, but within those five songs, he puts on quite a show!

After a pretty dope intro by The Game, you get a chance to hear Jaden slaughter some hard-hitting rap beats on Disguised Memories. What stands out to me the most about the EP is that it features a good balance between introspective and competitive verses. I also find the flows that Jaden raps with to be hella intriguing, his lyrics to be clever, and his confidence to be top-notch.

Listen to the very impressive Disguised Memories below.



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