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Listen To “In the Crazy” By Middle Of Maddness


Middle Of Maddness

Middle Of Maddness brings electrifying rock music to the forefront on “In the Crazy.”

Middle Of Maddness isn’t just a band with a kick-ass name, they are also a band that makes impactful rock music. On their latest project, In the Crazy, the three-piece unit finds ways to make their drums hit hard, their guitars let loose, and their vocals go wild!

I just love the variety of rock styles that you get on In the Crazy. While a song like “Real American” boasts rebellious rock vibes, there are also other songs like “Bermuda” that boasts modern chill rock vibes. Though the album is Middle Of Maddness’ first major project, based on the quality of the music that you hear on it, you can tell that Zak, Eli, and Joe are absolute pros at what they do!

Listen to the very impressive In the Crazy below.




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