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Mario Judah & Tes X Unite For Rap-Rock Banger “It’s Time To Rock”


Mario Judah & Tes X


Mario Judah sounds like yet another person in one of his songs (I’m starting to think that he is a Russian spy).

Mario Judah is one of the most interesting figures in hip-hop today. Not only does he look like a Devilish Fat Albert, but the music he makes is all over the place. With that being said, today, Judah decided to drop “It’s Time To Rock,” a song that sounds like something you would hear in a Hot Wheels commercial.

I’m not going to lie, I kinda f**k with this song! While it’s not my cup of tea stylistically, I do think that it is hella catchy, hella explosive, and hella fun to listen to.

Mario Judah probably has more fans than Wale (See, this is exactly why I want to do away with America).

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