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Rich The Kid – Lucky 7 (Album Review)

Rich The Kid hooks us up with a seven-pack called “Lucky 7.”






Rich The Kid murders s**t all by his lonesome on “Right.”

I f**k with the tricky flows, the arrogance, and the semi-melodies that Rich The Kid raps with on “Right.” I also f**k with the gripping trap beat that powers the song (Rich The Kid’s beat-selection is outstanding). Who said that Rich can’t make a hit by himself? (I’m sure that I said it, but I’m a changed man, Gina)




Rich The Kid & DaBaby go back and forth on some disrespectful, reckless, and pimpadocios s**t on “Laughin.”

Rich The Kid and DaBaby are both demons; they just go about their demonic ways differently. Despite the two rappers sounding completely different on “Laughin” (Rich The Kid sounds like a goofy rapper that struggles to ride beats, while DaBaby sounds like a grungy rapper that knows how to make a beat his b*tch), they both sound like they are on the same womanizing/violent/rich-ass page lyrically.




Whenever Rich The Kid, Quavo, and Takeoff link up, they make hits. With that being said, the three Atlanta rappers decided to link up for “Too Blessed.”

“Too Blessed” is powered by a pretty dope trap beat. Over it, Quavo blesses us with an infectious hook and a sly-ass verse; Rich The Kid blesses us with a verse that bosses will f**k with; and Takeoff blesses us with a verse that is full of tongue-twisting flows and menacing lyrics. When you combine the contributions that you get from the three rappers, what you end up with is a certified banger!

Go ahead and add Rich The Kid to the Migos. He meshes with them way too well… (We can call them Fourigos if he joins the group!)


1. SPLIT (3/5)

2. LAUGHIN (4/5)


4. BOOM BOOM (4/5)

5. RIGHT (4/5)

6. NASTY (4/5)

7. TOO BLESSED (4/5)




I really like this Lucky 7 EP. Here are some of my takeaways from it:

  1. The Production. While Rich The Kid struggles to ride the beats that he picks, that has nothing to do with the quality of the beats that he picks. On this Lucky 7 EP, Rich does work over trap beats that are explosive, hella irresistible, bouncy, and moving.
  2. How generic Rich The Kid sounds. I think that Rich The Kid is literally incapable of switching up his rapping style. On every song on Lucky 7, he raps the same way. While I can’t hate on a guy that knows his strengths, at the end of the day, it’s weird hearing a dude be so one-dimensional in this day and age…
  3. How good Rich The Kid’s chemistry is with his rap peers. Rich The Kid has always been a dude that has good chemistry with folks. On this Lucky 7 EP, he does a great job of keeping up with big names such as Lil Mosey, DaBaby, Quavo, Mulatto, and more.
  4. How much I miss Migos. For some odd reason, it feels like Migos disappeared from the face of the Earth. In “Too Blessed,” two members from the group, Quavo and Takeoff, remind us how great they are at killing hooks and flute-heavy beats.

I feel like Rich The Kid has strangely become a laughing stock in the hip-hop game. Contrary to popular belief, he has dropped some pretty solid projects. Keep doing your thing, Rich!

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