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Westside Boogie Snaps On “Joe Exotic Freestyle”

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Westside Boogie


You will bask in (Basken) “Joe Exotic Freestyle” (HOW BOUT DEM BARS, BOYS).

Westside Boogie can rap his ass off; he just doesn’t always release music to remind us that he can. Today, the Compton rapper decided to release “Joe Exotic Freestyle,” a short track (it clocks in at 1:03) that features a bunch of playful bars.

Since the beat that controls “Joe Exotic Freestyle” has a nice little bounce attached to it, Westside Boogie hits us with slippery flows and random lyrics on the song. Interestingly enough, I like Boogie when he f**ks around on a track.

Listen to “Joe Exotic Freestyle” below.

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