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J. Yard Goes Beast Mode On “New Money”


J. Yard

OVERALL RATING ( ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ )

We don’t want that old money, we want that new money!

Freeport, NY-based J. Yard is a multifaceted artist that writes, edits, and produces his own tracks. From playing the African drum at age five to being apart of his eldest brother and cousin’s hip-hop groups, J. Yard has a strong musical background and clearly doesn’t limit his inspirational sources. You can tell from how smoothly everything flows in his music — from his vocals to the beats — that he knows how to produce quality songs. These last couple of years, J. Yard certainly has received recognition for his efforts — he’s opened for Fatman Scoop, Sean Kingston, and Miguel. “New Money” is a track from his recent album No Pity for Winners.

There are plenty of standouts on this come-up song: Quality lyrics, well-mixed beats, and a rap flow that makes the track a catchy listen. J. Yard definitely puts his own signature on his work and stands out with a unique sound. It’s safe to say that he’s pushing boundaries in order to show out, and like a true hustler trying to showcase his artistic vision, fans can also purchase merch apparel on his official website in promotion for his album.

Check out “New Money” and get motivated!


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