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Victoria Monét Seeks A “F.U.C.K.” On New Single


Victoria Monét


“F.U.C.K.” is not about what you think it’s about (Trust me this time).

I think that Victoria Monet is grossly underrated (I’m talking grosser than leftover McDonald’s french fries). She may not be the best singer in the world, but she certainly is one of the best writers in the world. Today, the pregnant Monét decided to release “F.U.C.K.,” yet another song in which she plays mind tricks on us all.

Believe it or not, “F.U.C.K.” is a very heartwarming track. While it boasts an instrumental that will make you want to get freaky, it also boasts lyrics that will make you want to go to bat for the friends that you love (Yes, “F.U.C.K.” stands for “friends you can keep”).

Victoria clearly tried to shock us with the title of this song.

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