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Kelvyn Colt’s “Fire In The Booth” Freestyle Is Impressive


Kelvyn Colt


I truly believe that Kelvyn Colt has next.

Just a week ago, I posted a collaboration single that Charlie Sloth did with Kelvyn Colt, Gunna, and Abra Cadabra called “Got It.” While I think that Gunna and Cadabra did their thing on the song, I thought that Kelvyn absolutely shined. To further prove that the German rapper actually has the juice, Sloth decided to release Kelvyn’s “Fire In The Booth” freestyle.

On Kelvyn Colt’s “Fire In The Booth” freestyle, he sings fearlessly, he toys with a bunch of different flows, he hits us with both braggadocios and trill lyrics, and he takes clever shots at 6ix9ine. On the real, it felt like I was listening to four different people spit on this freestyle (Dude is that versatile).

Give Kelvyn Colt’s “Fire In The Booth” freestyle a shot below.

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