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Moody Bank$ Cashes In On The Soulful “Strawberry Amnesia”


Moody Bank$


Bank$’s vocal range is truly captivating. Her hypnotically-soulful delivery pulls listeners right in for the emotional journey.

Moody Bank$ is a very talented R&B singer that is looking to change-up the music scene with her personal take on the genre. Born and raised in California, Bank$ relocated to Austin, TX after college to pursue her musical career. “Strawberry Amnesia” is a track from her recent EP, “Full Blunts and Full Moons.” 

Filled with gratifying hooks and catchy beats, “Strawberry Amnesia” is a delight for anyone dreaming of an enchanting blend of vintage and modern vibes mixed with an alluring combination of jazzy instrumentals and seductive pull. The well-blended beats only enhance the depth of word-play and switch-ups on this gorgeous track.

Rich, smokey, and sexy, this song of love and heartbreak is just the mood we need.

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