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Rico Nasty & chillpill Show Off Their Rebellious Sides On “LiL BiTch”

Whatchu Think?

LiL BiTch

chillpill & Rico Nasty


I love how wacky, unorthodox, and unchained “LiL BiTch” sounds.

If you love rebellious music, I highly recommend that you listen to every single song that is on both chillpill and Rico Nasty’s catalog. On “LiL BiTch,” cp and Rico link up, and what they bless us with is pure mayhem!

“LiL BiTch” features samples from both Soulja Boy and Too $hort’s music, dolphin noises, video game sound effects, and more. It also features a tough-ass rap verse by Rico Nasty, a very infectious hook by chillpill, and lyrics by both chillpill and Rico that will make you miss your ex a little lesser.

Man, I love fearless women!


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