Magnifier blesses us with thirteen timeless rock tracks on the very impressive “Life, Love, Lost.”

Jon Rhoten was put on this earth to make music. At the age of 15, he found both a guitar and a passion for bands that never left. From there, Jon stumbled upon a few inspirational individuals that helped mold him into the talented solo artist that he is today. With that being said, one of Jon’s most impressive works to-date is Life, Love, Lost, an album that he created as Magnifier.

If you like authentic, passionate, and well-crafted rock music, you will absolutely love Life, Love, Lost. The thirteen-track project features unbelievable vocal performances, instrumentals full of exhilarating guitar licks, extraordinary drum patterns, infectious melodies, and an assortment of vibes. The album also features lyrics that will make you laugh, cry, and smile. All in all, I highly recommend that you give the album a shot.

Listen to Life, Love, Lost below!