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Cashoutajay Goes Off On His Detractors In “Hating”




You can’t hate on Cashoutajay for believing in his talents.

Cashoutajay is the latest and greatest musician to come out of New York (He’s from Long Island). While I think that he can go bar for bar with a bunch of folks in the game, it’s his ability to also hit us with memorable melodies in his music that catches my attention the most. With that being said, on “Hating,” Cashoutajay does a great job of spitting tough-ass bars and singing fearlessly.

Throughout “Hating,” Cashoutajay lets people know why he thinks that he is the best thing since sliced bread and why slackers don’t deserve to see the success that he sees. Personally, I love how intoxicating his vocal performance is on the song. I also love the emotional but hard-hitting beat that powers the song.

Listen to “Hating” below.

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