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Listen To “PSYCHO (Legally Insane)” By Smokepurpp



“PSYCHO (Legally Insane) EP” is the start of big things for Smokepurpp in 2021.

PSYCHO (Legally Insane) EP didn’t completely come as a surprise. This past Friday, the Florida rapper released “We Outside” with Lil Mosey, a song that you can find on the EP (It’s a song that I also like a lot). As for the rest of the songs on the EP, they range from mid to not-so-mid.

I probably like Smokepurpp more than you. Yes, he says a lot of shaky s**t in his music, but I think he does have a knack for making pretty catchy trap bangers. With that being said, on this PSYCHO (Legally Insane) EP, I f**k with the high-octane “Prom Queen,” the NAV-ish “200 Thou,” and the Uzi-ish “Rockstar.” You guys can keep the rest of the songs on the EP.

Do I think that this PSYCHO (Legally Insane) EP is better than Illmatic? Probably not. I do think it will turn up your mundane telework day, though.


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