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Clever & Chris Brown Sing Their Hearts Out On “Rolls Royce Umbrella”

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Clever & Chris Brown


Do you know how long I’ve been waiting to have Rolls Royce problems (Right now, I have Kia Sorrento problems)?

Clever is a name that I think you should definitely keep an eye on. Not only is he Post Malone’s man, but he also sounds very similar to Posty. Today, Clever decided to explode onto the 2021 scene with the very dramatic “Rolls Royce Umbrella.”

From the moment that I saw Chris Brown’s name featured on this song, I knew that I was in for some climactic s**t. Throughout “Rolls Royce Umbrella,” both Chris and Clever hit us with emotional vocal performances, intoxicating melodies, and lyrics that will make you think that the two singers sacrificed their minds, bodies, and souls for success.

I don’t think I want fame anymore… I’m good with a swimming pool, a dog, and endless episodes of Black Mirror.


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