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Clay Captcha Displays Serious Talent On “Good Guy”

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Clay Captcha

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Clay Captcha lets a girl that he is messing with know that he is afraid of commitment in “Good Guy.”

I truly feel like Clay Captcha is one of those musicians that were born to make music. To me, he has a sound that is radio-ready but also genuine. “Good Guy,” Captcha’s latest single, is a track that I think is literally impossible to hate.

I just love how action-packed the production is on “Good Guy” (Kudos to Neat Up for producing and engineering the song). I also love the infectious melodies, the honest lyrics, and the fearless vocal performance that Clay puts up on the song. While it’s always a tricky situation rooting for a bad guy, dammit, this song is so good, I’m going to do it!

“Good Guy” is the definition of an addictive song (I’ve listened to it five times in the last hour).

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