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Kro Elevates the Soul With The Nostalgic “Summertime in Purgatory”




While listening to “Summertime in Purgatory,” you will feel like you are on cloud 9.

Kro, the artist behind memorable hip-hop tunes like the upbeat “Don’t Go Rogue,” and the fun radio-ready “Louis to my Grandma,” recently released his latest single, “Summertime in Purgatory.” The nostalgia-inducing track has strong chillhop vibes that leave you with a feeling of elevation from the hauntingly airy quality of its lo-fi beats. Likewise, the lyrics to this chilling tale of love leave a lasting impression.

“Summertime in Purgatory” starts out with some light instrumentals and mixes with some nice beat blends. Holding onto its atmospheric tone throughout, the energy of this relaxing song is like a well-woven mixture of soft-hues of color lightly pressing on your soul as it floats up to the sky with an unknown destination. Anyone looking for some laidback waves of reminiscence romance will feel at peace listening to Kro’s latest work.

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