You get two sides of slowthai on “TYRON:” a vicious side and a vulnerable side. Both sides put up fantastic performances on the album.





“terms” will remind you that sometimes so-called bad guys are just misunderstood individuals.

“terms” features a riveting beat, an infectious hook (Kudos to Dominic Fike), dynamic rap flows, and lyrics that will make misunderstood folks feel like they finally have someone that will go to bat for them. What the song doesn’t feature is a Denzel Curry verse (slowthai sorta raps like Denzel Curry in the song, though).

Can you imagine if Denzel Curry actually dropped a verse on this song (I would call off work)?




slowthai is one crazy muthaf**ka! On a good chunk of the songs that I’ve heard by him, he literally sounds like he’s bouncing off walls. Apparently, someone who wins off being a cool muthaf**ka, A$AP Rocky, likes slowthai’s style because he decided to join forces with him for “MAZZA.”

slowthai’s verse on “MAZZA” is erratic, outlandish, goofy, violent, and Playboi Carti-Esque. As for A$AP Rocky, his verse on the song is mellow, sly, and effortlessly trill. The two rappers both hit us with impeccable flows and pretty solid punchlines.




slowthai and Skepta aren’t here for cancel culture at all (Based on this song, It sounds like they will bite you with their fangs if you try to cancel them).

“Cancelled” is a song that is explosive, grungy, kind of demented, catchy, and extremely lyrical. While slowthai hits us with a verse that will probably make Bruce Banner turn into The Incredible Hulk, I think both the song’s terrifying production and Skepta’s dynamic performance are the best things about it.




slowthai plays with a fire-ass beat on “PLAY WITH FIRE” and comes out unburned.

slowthai proves his worth to the world in “PLAY WITH FIRE.” Throughout the song, he aggressively lets us know about his unflappable demeanor, his rough come-up, and his rational ways.

Though the best part of “PLAY WITH FIRE” is the first two minutes, the last minute in which things slow up a little closes out Disc 1 phenomenally.




“focus” sounds like that one introspective song that Drake always puts on an album.

In “focus,” you get a somewhat subdued version of slowthai that is ready to prove his doubters wrong and separate himself from those that are bad for his growth. Believe it or not, mere mortals like you and I will be able to relate to the song.

I absolutely love how slowthai’s passionate raps sound over the soulful beat that powers “focus.”



1. 45 SMOKE (4/5)

2. CANCELLED (4/5)

3. MAZZA (4/5)

4. VEX (3/5)

5. WOT (N/A)

6. DEAD (3/5)




1. i tried (4/5)

2. focus (4/5)

3. terms (4/5)

4. push (4/5)

5. nhs (4/5)

6. feel away (4/5)

7. adhd (4/5)




Here are a few things that stood out to me about TYRON:

  • I can hear A$AP Rocky’s influence all over the project. Throughout TYRON (especially on the disc 1), I heard beats that Rocky would absolutely wreck.
  • I was pretty surprised at how vulnerable slowthai sounded on parts of this album. As someone that is fairly new to the UK rapper’s music, I find it pretty dope that he has an emotional rap bag. The way slowthai opens up about his fractured psyche and misunderstood ways on TYRON (Especially Disc 2) definitely caught my attention.
  • slowthai is a very slept-on rapper. Yes, he is capable of going ham on the mic, but he’s also capable of hitting us with clever punchlines and gaudy flows. Throughout TYRON, slowthai took full control of every song that he was on, sounding like someone that will never shy away from any moment. Such confidence is the reason he has a great shot at having a very long career.
  • No song on TYRON is simple; every one of them is multi-faceted. The way slowthai makes dark and sunny vibes, hard-hitting and soothing vibes, turbulent and relaxing vibes, and traditional and futuristic rap vibes play nice on this album is fantastic.

All in all, TYRON is a musical rollercoaster ride that rappers who live in boxes can learn from.