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ROBERT BC Blesses Us With Smooth Jazz & R&B Vibes On “What You Need” & “Fun, Fun”



“What You Need” and “Fun, Fun” are two very sly songs.

ROBERT BC is an up-and-coming musician that makes old-school jazz songs. Two songs on his already extensive catalog will catch your attention: “What You Need” and “Fun, Fun.”

“What You Need” and “Fun, Fun” both give off smooth feels but are built differently. The former doesn’t feature any vocals, but it does boast sunny melodies, a nice little tempo, and therapeutic vibes. The latter is a soulful R&B jam that features a jazzy instrumental, passionate vocals, and lyrics that will make you want to hold your partner tighter than you ever have. The combination of the two songs should brighten your mood and bring out the romantic side in you.

Listen to both “What You Need” and “Fun, Fun” below.


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