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Sanjay Opens Up His Heart To The World On “Sinking”




I love Sanjay’s fearlessness as an artist.

Sanjay is a fantastic singer, but in my opinion, it’s his ability to write powerful lyrics that catches my attention the most. With that being said, “Sinking,” his latest single, is a track that is so emotional, you may need a box of tissues beside you while you listen to it.

I recommend that you close your eyes while you listen to “Sinking.” The song features a soothing instrumental, highly-intoxicating melodies, and a vocal performance that will effortlessly pierce your heart. As for lyrically, I like how Sanjay daringly opens up about overcoming the myriad of scars that his past has incurred on him in the song.

If you are someone that is struggling to move on from your rugged past, “Sinking” should resonate with you mightily. Listen to the track below.


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