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Devy Quills Brightens A Broken-Heart With “Worst Day”


Devy Quills

OVERALL RATING ( ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ )

“Worst Day” is the perfect song for anyone looking to get over a lost love.

North Carolina-based creative Devy Quills (aka Devin Singleton) is a spoken word poet turned rapper. What makes him unique is that he uses his personal experiences as inspiration for his art. According to a 2018 interview, Quills has been crafting imaginative spoken word pieces since the age of thirteen. “Worst Day” is the closing track on his latest album, It’s Only Up From Here.

Despite its title, “Worst Day” has an uplifting feeling of comfort that comes from Quill’s smooth vocals. Reminiscing on the high points of a former relationship, the seamless switches from singing to rapping are delivered with unwaveringly charismatic energy.

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