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David Rothman Declares Himself To Be “The Rap Knight” On New Single


David Rothman

David Rothman brings uplifting vibes to a world that needs it with “The Rap Knight.”

David Rothman is an up-and-coming rapper/producer that is looking to bring good vibes to 2021. In his latest single, “The Rap Knight,” not only does he rap about overcoming all of the trials and tribulations that 2020 threw at him, but he also raps about his intentions of taking over the game!

“The Rap Knight” features majestic raps and an instrumental that boasts synth keyboards, lead tones, a nice tempo, and feel-good vibes. If you are a fan of music that will put you in a good mood, give the song a shot below.

David’s ties to New York City are deep. His experiences in the city has helped him build great relationships and become an all-around producer/composer (He actually produced “The Rap Knight”). David is also a member of the Recording Academy, so he knows a thing or two about good music. At the end of the day, David is the ultimate socialite (He has actually been spotted at Roc Nation’s famous brunches) and someone who has a genuine love for music.


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