3, 2, 1



“3, 2, 1” is juicier than an episode of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. In the song, 24kGoldn calls out his chick for being flaky as s**t.

24kGoldn might end up being my rookie of the year (Ben Simmons style). I can honestly say that I like every single song that he has released so far. Goldn’s latest drop, “3, 2, 1,” might be his second-best song to date!

Though 24 doesn’t let his anger destroy the melodies, the uptempo vibes, and the exhilarating instrumental that powers “3, 2, 1,” at the end of the day, the song will resonate with you because we’ve all dealt with bucketheads in our lives.

I’m guessing that 24kGoldn’s Valentine’s Day wasn’t that great…