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DaBaby Goes Off On “Beatbox (Remix)”




DaBaby brushes s**t off his shoulders historically well.

While I’m not quite ready to call DaBaby the best rapper in the game right now (Even though he tells us to), I AM ready to say that he has had one of the most successful runs that I’ve ever seen. These last couple of years, he has dominated Billboard charts, he has garnered tons of streams, and he has linked up with the best in music. With that being said, when DaBaby wants to talk s**t in records, I’m all for it. In “Beatbox (Remix),” a semi-release by the North Carolina rapper, he brags about peeing in cups and calling it lemonade, about killing people on IG live, about pimping chicks, and about being the realest rapper in the game (Ya’ll can check him… I ain’t).

DaBaby hits us with a few different flows on “Beatbox (Remix),” so you naysayers of his need to give him his credit.


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