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Justine Skye Croons Over A Timbaland Beat On “Intruded”


Justine Skye & Timbaland


It just hit me: Timbaland doesn’t work with anyone anymore.

Add Justine Skye to the list of female R&B singers that are killing s**t right now. These last couple of years, I’ve enjoyed her singles, the songs that she has featured on, and a couple of her projects. Today, Justine decided to get her 2021 poppin by releasing “Intruded.”

“Intruded” is the ultimate slow jam. The song is powered by an instrumental that might f**k around and make you doze off, a spellbinding vocal performance, and lyrics that will make you think that Justine knows how to have suckas like me on strings.

How come no one is rushing to be Justine Skye’s zaddy (I’m married, so I can’t do it)?

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