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Kevin Gates – Only The Generals, Pt. II (Album Review)

Kevin Gates flexes his boss ties in the very rugged “Only The Generals, Pt. II.”





Kevin Gates sounds like the ultimate bad guy in “Big Hittah.”

Kevin Gates brags about having prices on his head, about going places solo dolo (He really does… My mans saw him at Kabob Palace the other day), and about overcoming stiff odds in “Big Hittah.” While it is definitely fun rooting for a bad guy, especially when they hit us with trill-ass raps, the best things about this song are the catchy-ass hook and the spine-chilling beat.



You gotta be a bold muthaf**ka if you want to mess with a plug’s daughter…

Throughout “Plug Daughter 2,” Kevin Gates talks about splurging on chicks, about being in cahoots with drug dealers, and about getting into very dangerous situations. While the song features a simple hook, simple melodies, and simple flows, I think it’s its trill but somewhat pleasant nature that will catch your attention the most.




Youngboy Never Gates Again?

“Waddup Homie Pt. 2” is one cold-ass banger. The song features an instrumental that Youngboy Never Broke Again would do major work over and a rugged rap style by Kevin Gates (He does hit us with a powerful vocal performance towards the end). As for lyrically, Gates talks about his growth, his willingness to entertain beef, and his drug-dealing ways in the song.

These songs remind me how real Gates is.



Kevin Gates spits like a madman on “Yes Lawd.”

“Yes Lawd,” the first song on the album, features an instrumental that you might hear on an action movie. Over it, Kevin Gates hits us with heinous deliveries and lyrics that will remind you that he is a loner that deals drugs, that pulls chicks that aren’t his, and someone that would smack the living daylight out of someone that disrespects him. If you are a fan of a version of Gates when he sounds like a bully, you will f**k with this song for sure.



Kevin Gates plays a comforter, a cartel member, a motivator, and a hopeless romantic in “Fairytale.”

“Fairytale” is laced up with infectious melodies, gentle vibes, and somewhat positive lyrics. For fans of a melodic Gates, this song is something you will want to play.


1. YES LAWD (4/5)

2. BIG HITTAH (4/5)

3. CARTEL SWAG (3/5)

4. BIG STEPPAH (3/5)

5. SHIT (3/5)

6. RAW U OUT (3/5)


8. PLUG DAUGHTER 2 (3/5)



11. WADDUP HOMIE PT. 2 (4/5)

12. FAIRYTALE (4/5)




Here are some of my takeaways from Only The Generals, Pt. II:

  • I miss experimental Gates. I feel like Gates’ previous albums are a lot more experimental than his most recent albums. I miss the songs in which he hit us with intricate melodies and powerful harmonies. Unfortunately, on Only The Generals, Pt. II, Kevin Gates stays in a lethal pocket that he only deviates from every once in a while.
  • Gates is really about that life. I keep forgetting how gangsta Kevin Gates is. On this twelve-track album, dude takes drug-dealing-talk, violent-talk, and woman-slaying-talk to another level. While other rappers talk about their violent clicks in their music, Gates talks about being tied to cartels and s**t over and over again.
  • The beats on the album are so f**king riveting. I swear, every instrumental on Only The Generals, Pt. II can be featured on a trap version of The Godfather. Kudos to every single producer that did work on this album.
  • Kevin Gates really loves doing s**t all by his lonesome. Much like a bunch of his other albums, Only The Generals, Pt. II only features one general: Gates. Fortunately, he is animated, gassed up, and entertaining enough to carry the album to success.
  • Where the f**k is “Wonderland?” I swear, “Wonderland” is easily Gates’ best song in a year. I suppose the song didn’t get cleared for the album (Cot dammit).

I’m not going to lie, this album didn’t click with me at all… Yea, there are a few songs on it that knock, but none really stood out to me as exceptional. Since it’s one of the major releases this week, I’ll enjoy it for the next couple of days, but in all honesty, I probably won’t go back to play it after that.

4 thoughts on “Kevin Gates – Only The Generals, Pt. II (Album Review)

  1. Mediocre Album
    Album Rating: 5/10
    Favorite tracks: Cartel Swag, Wishing in morocco
    Least Favorite track: Fairytale

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