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Amir White Pays Homage To His Love In “Maybe”


Amir White


“Maybe” will remind you of the R&B hits from the 90s.

Amir White is an Atlanta-based musician that has been releasing some of the most beautiful R&B music on this planet. What I like about him is that he has a vintage sound that fans of the smooth genre will absolutely love. “Maybe,” Amir’s latest single, is a romantic masterpiece.

“Maybe” is powered by the type of instrumental that will soothe your nerves. Over it, Amir sings passionately about the love of his life and showcases his pure feelings to listeners. What you’re going to like about the song is how Amir lets his emotions take him to the finish line of it. You’re also going to like how he relies on melodies that are impossible to ignore.

Listen to “Maybe” below.




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