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Mingkoo Blesses Us With Futuristic Vibes On “Phantom City”

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“Phantom City” is Mingkoo’s second EP.

Mingkoo is a Korean electronic music producer that knows how to make tunes that sound action-packed, exhilarating, and futuristic. His first EP, SIREN, ranked 13th on the genre chart at Bitport. Phantom City is Mingkoo’s second EP.

Phantom City features two tracks: “Phantom City” and “Forced One.” The former is an uptempo gem that boasts dance, nurturing, soothing, and positive vibes, while the latter is an uptempo gem that boasts grungy, grimy, and dark vibes. In other words, “Phantom City” sounds like the type of song that you would listen to during a bright sunny day, while “Forced one” sounds like the type of song that might bring out the inner villain in you.

Give Mingkoo’s very impressive Phantom City a shot below.


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