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Reyanna Maria Calls On Tyga For “So Pretty (Remix)”

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Reyanna Maria & Tyga


I hope Reyanna Maria and Tyga both washed their mouths out with soap after making this song.

Believe it or not, Reyanna Maria made “So Pretty” during a TikTok duet with producer Kato On The Track. Astonishingly, the duet has been viewed by over 20 million people. Apparently, “So Pretty” caught Tyga’s attention, because this weekend, a remix to the song that features the California rapper hit streaming services.

If you have virgin ears, you probably want to stay away from “So Pretty (Remix).” Throughout the song, Reyanna Maria talks about wanting her vagina to be beaten up by a Packer (And I ain’t talking Aaron Rodgers). As for Tyga, he talks about being a dude that can meet Reyanna’s freaky demands. While Reyanna raps seductively on the song, Tyga raps like a dude that knows that he’s a Packer (And I ain’t taking Green Bay).

Listen to “So Pretty” by Reyanna and Tyga below.


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