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Drakeo The Ruler & Drake Join Forces On “Talk To Me”


Drakeo The Ruler & Drake

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Drakeo The Ruler’s long-anticipated collaboration single with Drake has finally shown its face.

Drakeo The Ruler has had his foot on the gas these last couple of years. To be more specific, in the last two years, the LA rapper has released a whopping five projects. While Drakeo may not be a household name, after releasing “Talk To Me” with Drake, he might at least be a treehouse name to a few folks.

Of course, Drakeo and Drake would link up for a song; the two have very similar rap names. What does surprise me is that Drakeo was able to get Drake to bless him with a smooth R&B hook (I feel like Drake has retired from making R&B hooks for folks). As for Drakeo’s raps on the song, they straddle the line between trill and hood-romantic masterfully.

Give “Talk To Me” a shot below.

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