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J.I.D. Spits Nothing But Knowledgable Bars In “Skegee”

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J.I.D. is wise beyond his years.

I’m so high on J.I.D. that I think I have the munchies. In my humbling opinion, the Atlanta rapper has what it takes to go down as one of the greats. Well, if J.I.D. wants to be a great, he has to make great music, right? Enter “Skegee.”

“Skegee” won’t turn clubs up, but it will remind you what meaningful bars sounds like. Throughout the song, J.I.D. calmly raps about black empowerment, racism, and his self-confidence. Since the song boasts numbing vibes, you’ll probably feel it in your soul more than your ears.

Listen to the very impressive “Skegee” below.

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