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Akz – Yin (Album Review)

Akz proves his worth to the world in the very powerful “Yin.”





If you didn’t get chills listening to “Save Me,” you need to check your pulse. Throughout the song, Akz talks about overcoming major odds, living life on the edge, and being glued to the hood.

“Save Me” boasts nothing but riveting vibes. Not only is the song powered by a beat that you might hear on a Denzel Washington action movie, but it also features a hook that you will feel in your soul, ferocious rap deliveries, and lyrics that only the trillest will understand.




One thing that Akz does on Yin is show the world that he is more than capable of spitting bars over any type of hip-hop beat that you give him. With that being said, songs like “No Care” tells me that he is at his best when he spits bars over drill beats.

Akz sounds like he’s in his zone throughout “No Care.” Not only does he hit us with sharp flows and action-packed deliveries on the song, but he also hits us with lyrics that will assure you that he’s balling, smashing dimes, and trapping with the best of them.




If you want to get to know what Akz is all about, listen to “Views.” Throughout the emotional track, the UK rapper talks about stiff-arming the snakes around him, putting his haters in their places, being glued to the streets, seeking loyalty, and knowing a few young bulls that have passed in the last couple of years.

Anytime MCs spit bars over beats that sound like they are crying for help, I give them mad respect!


1. SAVE ME (5/5)

2. BYE (4/5)

3. PAIN IN FULL (4/5)

4. NO CARE (5/5)

5. VIEWS (5/5)




Yin is f**king fantastic.

So why do I think that Yin is so fantastic?

  • Every single beat on the album is either gripping, powerful, hard-hitting, or moving. If you are a rap fan, there is no way that you can walk away from the beats that you heard feeling unmoved.
  • Every single verse that Akz puts up sounds passionate, authentic, and trill. Even though you may not be able to relate to the topics that Akz talks about in Yin (He talks about some serious street s**t in the album), his confidence, his mic presence, his flawless flows, and his ferocious energy will appeal to you.
  • The album features various styles of rap music. “Save Me” is an emotional banger, “Bye” is a semi-braggadocios banger, “Paid In Full” is a dramatic street banger, “No Care” is a drill banger, and “Views” is a Drake-Esque introspective banger.

While Yin only features five songs, within those five songs, Akz puts up nothing but fantastic performances. (Kudos to the young bull and his management Mxnarxch)

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