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Ruben Simonsen & Toneaffair Electrify On “Dancing Alone”


Ruben Simonsen & Toneaffair


“Dancing Alone” might make you dance and wipe tears off your face.

Ruben Simonsen is a talented singer/songwriter that is currently based in his hometown of Tromsø/Norway. Personally, what I like about Simonsen is that he comes across as an individual that is thankful for all of the little moments in his life. “Dancing Alone,” his latest single with Toneaffair, will show you just how big his heart is.

“Dancing Alone” is a tale of two worlds. While the song is powered by an electrifying/upbeat/techno-inspired instrumental that does everything in its power to get you to move your feet, it is also powered by an emotional vocal performance, intoxicating melodies, and lyrics that will resonate with anyone that is dealing with somebody that isn’t always available when their heart needs them.

While “Dancing Alone” is the ultimate rollercoaster ride, your mind, body, and soul will appreciate it. Listen to the song below!




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