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Sage The Gemini & Chris Brown Reunite For “Baby”


Sage The Gemini & Chris Brown


Whoa, I haven’t heard from Sage The Gemini in a while.

A few years back, Sage The Gemini and Chris Brown united for “Buss It,” a sultry club banger that a lot of people f**ked with. Today, the two musicians decided to release “Baby,” a song that slows things up just a tad.

If I were to guess, “Baby” was made a few years ago (The song definitely has some 2018-ish vibes attached to it). Whatever the case may be, I f**k with the song’s bi-polar hook (Kudos to Chris (aka the hook-killer)), the song’s hypnotizing instrumental, the song’s obnoxious/naughty/lowkey gangsta lyrics, the song’s classic flows, and the song’s infectious melodies.

Listen to “Baby” by Sage The Gemini and Chris Brown below.

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