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Trevor James Blesses Us With Feel-Good Vibes On “Look Away”

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Trevor James


“Look Away” is on Trevor James’ “Breakthrough” EP.

Trevor James is a singer/songwriter from Effort, Pennsylvania. While I am a major fan of his vocals, it’s his spirit that resonates with me the most. If you are interested in knowing what Trevor James brings to the table, I recommend that you listen to his EP Breakthrough.Β While I like every track on the project, the one that really stood out to me is “Look Away.”

There’s no way that you can walk away from “Look Away” not feeling all good inside. The song is powered by a sunny instrumental that features both invigorating guitar riffs and a nice little tempo, a stimulating vocal performance, melodies that you are going to want to drown in, and most importantly, lyrics that will remind you how hard it is to look someone that can steal your heart in the eyes.

I want to remind you that Breakthrough is much more than just “Look Away.” “I’ve Always Loved You” is an emotional gem, “Rendezvous” is an exhilarating alternative rock gem, and “Only” is a heartwarming gem. Give the EP a shot HERE!

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