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DDG & OG Parker – Die 4 Respect (Album Review)

DDG puts up a very impressive performance in “Die 4 Respect.”





DDG and 42 Dugg play absolutely no games in “Money Long.”

If you guessed that DDG and 42 Dugg would do a lot of flexing in “Money Long,” you guessed right! Throughout the song, the two rappers talk about their big banks, quick tempers, and thirsty chicks. Since the song features a beat that boasts Michigan vibes, DDG and 42 sound like they are in their elements.




More than likely, “Impatient” will end up being a major hit.

For those of you that think that DDG only knows how to make hard-hitting rap tracks, “Impatient” will surprise you. Throughout the song, DDG showcases his vocal skills, as, throughout the song, he sings fearlessly about changing a chick’s life with his romantic ways and money.Β  I personally think that the melodies that he hits us with on the song are beyond fantastic.

Coi Leray is also featured on “Impatient.” What she adds to the track is wacky deliveries and a woman’s well-needed perspective on love.

Soon, we will be living in a world where DDG and Coi Leray are running s**t (You just watch).




Some rappers know how to sing, but only a few know how to put together well-structured love songs. Based on “Way You Talk,” DDG might be one of those folks that can do the latter.

First and foremost, the smooth R&B instrumental that you hear on “Way You Talk” does a great job of setting the song’s tender tone (Shoutout to OG Parker and HitMaka). As for DDG, I love the poise, the gentleness, and the old-school melodies that he rap-sings with. While his lyrics in the song are a little too cliche for my liking (He sounds like a high schooler that impulsively promises the world to his chick), they do not completely destroy s**t.



2. RULE #1

DDG and Lil Yachty absolutely go off on “Rule #1.”

DDG and Lil Yachty definitely sound like rap’s version of Batman and Robin in “Rule #1.” Since the song features a beat that has a helluva tempo and riveting vibes attached to it, you get to hear nothing but relentless flows by the two rappers. DDG and Yachty also hit us with lyrics that are braggadocios, reckless, and violent as hell.

Never did I imagine that one of the best songs on this album would be the one that features Lil Yachty…




DDG and NBA YoungBoy keep it real about their hood-certified ways in “Hood Melody.”

“Hood Melody” is one helluva emotional banger. Not only does it feature a beat that thumps just as much as it touches souls, but it also features a flawless hook by DDG, hood-authentic lyrics by both DDG and NBA YoungBoy, and a vocal performance by NBA YoungBoy that you will definitely feel.

π•Šπ•†β„•π”Ύ 𝔹𝕐 π•Šπ•†β„•π”Ύ π”Ήβ„π”Όπ”Έπ•‚π”»π•†π•Žβ„•

1. HOOD MELODY (5/5)


3. RULE #1 (4/5)

4. IMPATIENT (4/5)


6. WAY YOU TALK (4/5)


8. LET EM GO (3/5)

9. MONEY LONG (4/5)






Holy s**t, I didn’t know that DDG was this talented! He can rap his ass off, he’s a pretty solid singer, and he’s trill as f**k. In Die 4 Respect, he definitely earns my f**king respect.

As I sort-of insinuated in the first paragraph, DDG is a pretty versatile musician. Throughout Die 4 Respect, he enters NBA YoungBoy’s world and succeeds (“Hood Melody”), he enters 42 Dugg’s world and succeeds (“Money Long”), he enters Gunna’s world and succeeds (“I Need Security”), he enters Lil Yachty’s world and succeeds (“Rule #1”), and he even enters B2K’s world and succeeds (“Way You Talk”). It’s clear that the Cali rapper is a student of the game that likes to use what he learned to craft his music.

Though DDG doesn’t say anything spectacular in Die 4 Respect (He mainly talks about money, women, and violence in the album),Β I think that his ability to make his lyrics sound clear as hell is what makes him a rapper with a bright future. In other words, he doesn’t waste bars at all. I also love that every opportunity that he got to sing on the album, he tried his hardest to convince us that he was the second-coming of Usher Raymond. All in all, my biggest takeaway from Die 4 Respect is that DDG is one fearless muthaf**ka.

Kudos must go to OG Parker. Just as much as I am saying that DDG is versatile, I can say the same thing about Parker. On Die 4 Respect, Parker mixes all of our favorite hip-hop vibes to create beats that do everything from make us nod our head to have us in our feelings. The partnership between the two musicians works magnificently on the album.

I am very curious to see how successful DDG becomes. Based on what I heard on his Die 4 Respect album, he definitely has top 10 talent.

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