Justin Bieber sounds like a man on a mission in the very powerful “Justice.”





You get an amazing vocal performance by Justin Bieber in “Off My Face.”

Put some respect on Justin Bieber’s singing skills! When he wants to, he can hit notes that are higher than the gas prices in New York. Don’t believe me? All you have to do is listen to all 2:36 of “Off My Face.” From start to finish, Justin sings lovingly, passionately, and jaw-droppingly about being high off a woman that is prettier than Blueberry pancakes from iHOP. If you don’t feel something listening to the song, you have the heart of a scarecrow.

Thugs won’t like “Off My Face” at all (Forget them. They don’t move America’s needle).




Fame sucks.

It’s clear that Justin Bieber had to go through a couple of things to make “Holy.” In “Lonely” with Benny Blanco, he describes some of those things to the world.

“Lonely” is powered by a very emotional instrumental, a vocal performance that is chilling, and lyrics that will let you know all of the trials and tribulations that an individual can go through when they are put on a pedestal.

I am so glad that Justin got a chance to get a bunch of s**t off his chest in this song.




“Hold On” is a great track, but you HAVE to watch the song’s music video.

Not many people will be able to finish watching the music video to “Hold On” with a dry eye (In the video, Justin plays a dude that would do anything for his woman that just found out that she has cancer). As for the song, it is jam-packed with a climactic instrumental, nurturing lyrics, upbeat vibes, and extremely infectious melodies.




Maybe I love “Die For You” so much because I miss clubs so much, but I thought this song was the s**t!

“Die For You” blends synth 80s pop vibes with new-school pop vibes miraculously (Now I know how Marty McFly felt when he traveled from 1985 to 2000-something). Matter of fact, you might f**k around and do both the Toosie Slide and The RoboCop at the same time while you listen to it. As for both Justin and Dominic Fike, they do fantastic jobs of coming across as super-hero-like lovers that are willing to get zapped by a lethal beam in the name of love.

When it’s all said and done, I think that the melodies, the vocal performances, and the riveting instrumental that powers this song make it unforgettable.




Justin Bieber and Chance The Rapper are the real definitions of woke on “Holy.”

“Holy” is powered by a hard-hitting instrumental that also boasts churchy vibes. Over it, Justin Bieber sings gracefully about finding a love that can make him settle down for good. As for Chance The Rapper, in his verse on the song, he praises the LORD and switches between a soulful singer and a quirky rapper.

“Holy” is the type of song that will make 50 Cent and Ja Rule end their beef.


1. 2 MUCH (4/5)

2. DESERVE YOU (4/5)

3. AS I AM (4/5)

4. OFF MY FACE (5/5)

5. HOLY (5/5)

6. UNSTABLE (4/5)


8. DIE FOR YOU (5/5)

9. HOLD ON (5/5)

10. SOMEBODY (4/5)

11. GHOST (4/5)

12. PEACHES (5/5)


14. LOVED BY YOU (4/5)

15. ANYONE (4/5)

16. LONELY (5/5)




I love how much Justin Bieber has grown throughout the years. While he started out as a pop star that every young girl had a poster of, he went through a rough patch in which he lost himself a bit. These days, Justin is making music that is beyond meaningful. If you are someone that has been through a fair amount of s**t in your life, you can’t help but feel the place that the Canadian singer is in these days.

Here are the things that I love about Justice:

  • How the album flows. Justin does a fantastic job of switching between downbeat and upbeat songs on Justice. Matter of fact, on certain songs, he combines the two sounds. Using this approach, he allowed us to be deeply in our feelings but also to dance our asses off. Great work!
  • How the album focuses squarely on love. All you so called gangstas will claim that you aren’t trying to hear love songs, but when no one’s looking, I’m sure y’all abuse Marvin Gaye’s catalog. Anywho, in Justice, Justin shows zero fear in letting the world know that he’s appreciative of the love that his partner for life is giving him. Not only does he let us know through sentimental lyrics, but he also lets us know through his joyous spirit.
  • The MLK Interludes. The MLK interludes are kind-of random but very cool to hear. With Justin being a major figure, I think that it is very useful having him add them to his album.
  • The album’s instrumentals. I was super impressed with some of the instrumentals on Justice. Most were stirring and multi-faceted. Don’t sleep on the passionate vocal performances that Justin were able to put up on the instrumentals, too!

Here are the things that I didn’t quite love about Justice:

  • Believe it or not, I wish the album was shorter. I feel like there are a few songs that need to be consumed over and over again. By adding sixteen tracks to the album, folks might try to hear every song as opposed to giving certain songs that full attention they need (Yes, I am nitpicking).

There is value in feel-good music. Justin Bieber blesses us with plenty of that in Justice.

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