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Listen To “1176” By Guapdad 4000 & Illmind!

𝟙𝟙𝟟𝟞 (𝔸𝕃𝔹𝕌𝕄)

Guapdad 4000 & Illmind!

Guapdad 4000 and Illmind! cook up a very entertaining album for the world.

If someone made me come up with a list of underrated rappers, Guapdad 4000 might be on that list twice. Not only is he a helluva rapper, but he also has a love for music that permeates through speaker systems. This weekend, Guapdad 4000 and Illmind! decided to release 1176, an album that I guarantee you will find to be entertaining.

One thing that I love about Guapdad 4000 is that he is a very unpredictable musician. In other words, he doesn’t mind toying with every single style of hip-hop that you’ve heard in your life. With that being said, throughout 1176, you get whisper songs, melodic bangers, emotional bangers, boom-bap bangers, and more. While Guapdad has some really impressive rap mechanics, I think his ability to be both a comedian and a real one is what makes him special.

Listen to 1176 below.

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