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Listen To “4 Peace Nugget” By King Los


King Los

Don’t let the dusty artwork that you see up top fool you, this mixtape is mean!

I truly believe that King Los is one of the best rappers I’ve ever heard (Yes, ever heard). The way that he dissects beats like they were f**king grasshoppers in a Science class is beyond me. Yesterday, Los decided to release an unbelievable four-pack-Shakur called 4 Peace Nugget.

In 4 Peace Nugget, King Los does work over classic songs by Mobb Deep (“Survival Of The Fittest Freestyle”), Busta Rhymes (“Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See Freestyle”), and Drake (“Lemon Pepper Wings Freestyle”). For the most part, he slays s**t using flows that have superpowers, punchlines that will go over your head like a f**king halo, and lyrics that will make you put respect on the Baltimore rapper’s name.

Listen to 4 Peace Nugget below.

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