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Sam Adetunji Is Changing Marijuana’s Negative Stigma

Sam Adetunji is leading one of the most innovative cannatech companies on this planet.

Sam Adetunji is a Nigerian-American from Washington DC that is looking to revolutionize the cannatech world. His Veriheal platform looks to make it easier for patients to get approved for their state’s medical cannabis program. With Veriheal’s extensive knowledge of the cannabis world, the company looks to make the drug’s unfairly stained reputation a reputation that everyone can be comfortable with.

So who is Sam Adetunji? He’s simply a guy that is using his experiences to help others. After watching his father use medical marijuana to cope with the inevitable downs that come with battling Liver cancer, he made it a mission to make the world know just how impactful the drug could be to anyone that is struggling with pain. Once he found this purpose, he never looked back.

Aside from his medical contributions to the world, Sam just seems like a down-to-earth guy. He loves doing community service, he enjoys himself a good Nigerian meal, and based off his Instagram, I can tell that he likes to play just as hard as he works.

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