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Kinkade – Risk It for the Biscuit (EP Review)


Kinkade blends the perfect mix of old and new for a memorable experience in “Risk It For The Biscuit.”





Filled with passion and soul, “Money” combines a bunch of different sounds to create its concoction.

The melodies are infectious and the vibes are on point, as Kinkade shines on this positive come-up track. The satisfying mix of 90s style deliveries and futuristic sounds is a perfect highlight of Kinkade’s overall style.

Opening up Risk It For The Biscuit with “Power” is beyond genius.




 “Power” is an anthem that everyone on this planet should listen to.

“Power” blends upbeat vibes, raps filled with lyrics championing female empowerment, and atmospheric instrumentation. While listening to the song, you will be encouraged to hold your partner tight, possibly light up, dance, and uplift someone in need of support.

“Power” should not be skipped.




“Silly Boy” is a brief and lyrically solid track that shows off Kinkade’s sharp rap deliveries.

“Silly Boy” starts out feeling more like a freestyle before switching to more of an R&B style by the end of the song.

Production-wise, “Silly Boy” feels smooth, as the beats and tones layer well with the vocals without taking the focus off Kinkade’s lyrics.




“Cirriculum” is a chill come-up song filled with ambient moody tones and clever and thoughtful lyrics that feel emotional and personal.

Kinkade’s smooth delivery has focused energy and a strong presence throughout the track. If you really want to get to know who Kinkade is, “Cirriculum” will tell you.


1. MONEY (4/5)

2. POWER (5/5)

3. SILLY BOY (4/5)





Diving into Toronto native Kinkade’s latest EP Risk It for the Biscuit is yet another satisfyingly on-brand blast from the past. Featuring old-school 90s style rap, atmospheric tones, and thought-provoking lyrics, Kinkade once again touches on the perfect elements of nostalgic homage that’s sure to leave you smiling.

The emcee and producer’s reach is only growing with his previous single releases “TIMING” and “Pull Up” getting featured on a recent episode of the Canadian television series Kim’s Convenience. As Kinkade continues his journey, there’s no doubt we should take note and listen in for what’s sure to be a well-blended and clever mix of infectious positivity and timeless essence. What makes Risk It for the Biscuit a great listen is Kinkade’s authenticity; the EP never tries to become something it’s not, but rather embraces the tributes and personal connections it has with full energy and obvious pleasure.


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