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Listen To “Love Like Water” By Tamwah


Tamwah & Kattimoni

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

You’re going to drown in the blissfulness of “Love Like Water.”

Tamwah is an independent singer/songwriter/producer that has an infectious voice and a wonderful spirit. Matter of fact, after listening to her music, I guarantee that your soul will feel restored. One track by Tamwah that I think you will thoroughly enjoy is the dynamic “Love like water.”

“Love like water” is filled with soulful, Caribbean, and sunny vibes. While listening to the song, you will find yourself indulging in Tamwah’s intoxicating vocals, Kattimoni’s wisdom-filled raps, and the song’s dynamic instrumental. The song also talks about the importance of appreciating your environment, as both Tamwah and Kattimoni talk about water’s impact on our mind, body, and soul in their respective verses.

Give Tamwah and Kattimoni’s “Love like water” a shot below.




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