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DDB YAYO Bets On Himself In “How You Claim”

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RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

“How You Claim” is on DDB YAYO’s “RISING STAR EP.”

DDB YAYO is a 20-year-old rapper out of Orlando, Florida that has next written all over him. What I think makes him unique is that he knows how to merge hard-hitting raps with passionate melodies in his music. DDB’s latest project, Rising Star EP, features a bunch of trap records that you will feel in your soul. One track from the EP that will catch your attention is the very powerful “How You Claim.”

“How You Claim” is powered by a piano-heavy trap beat that will f**k with your heartstrings. Over it, DDB YAYO sing-raps passionately about getting it out of the mud, stiff-arming disloyal individuals, and dodging trouble whenever he walks the streets. What you’re going to absolutely love about the song is the melodies that our hero blesses us with; they are as infectious as it gets. You’re also going to love how he comes across as an honest individual that has no problem telling the world his truths.

I recommend that you give “How You Claim” a shot and a half below. Also, check out DDB’s Rising Star EP HERE.






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