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Blood Honey’s Wickedly Enchanting “Put You Out Like A Flame” Is All About Empowerment 


Blood Honey

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A twisted mixture of seductive pull and black magic to smooth your inner demons.

Los Angeles, California-based musical duo Jackie Brontë (lyricist and vocalist) and Kevin Williams (producer and instrumentalist) make up the moody electro-pop act Blood Honey. Though Brontë had to put her educational study on hold after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, that didn’t stop the two artists from their musical pursuits. According to Williams, they started writing their first song a week after Brontë’s last surgery. Blood Honey debuted back in February with the intriguing single “Game Baby.” Their latest release, “Put You Out Like A Flame” and its accompanying music video, is the group’s second single.

Filled with moody electric tones and soft alluring vocals, this slinky and bewitching track listed on Spotify as “music to hex your ex with” is the perfect remedy for your inner spell-caster. In a recent interview, Brontë said that, as an Asian woman, she’s stereotyped as “being soft and submissive.” Her goal with “Put You Out Like A Flame” is to “turn the tables on that trope and own my power.” Lyrically, the track is just as intense and mesmerizing as its retro-inspired sound. The twisted love child of Hollywood witchcraft babes and electro-pop drenched in sepia filter, “Put You Out Like A Flame” is an absolute vibe. 🔮🕯

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