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The Camel City Blackouts – 13 (Album Review)

The Camel City Blackouts is a DIY Punk band that is looking to take over 2021 with their latest album “13!”





Say Hello!

With all the energy this song radiates, I did not expect it to be so dang emotional! Along with the sentimental lyrics mixed with a blast of screaming spirit, “Angels” promotes a catchy tune. “Say hello! Say hello! Say hello!” reverberates in my head and rings through my ears. When I hear this song, it makes me wonder, “what the heck happened to this guy?” Well, his loved one broke up with him and moved to Brazil; that’s what happened! As he is reluctantly coping with the situation at hand, the vocalist put a spin on the punk-rock genre while relating to his listeners.




Give in to your temptations and live your life!

“Where I have been, where I’m going again!” I have not stopped humming that same line since I first heard this song! Wow, it is dangerously catchy! I remember as a kid, I used to listen to music like this with my older brother: Just plain electric guitar, feet up, and head bopping. It has such a nostalgic aura to it and definitely takes me back to better and easier times. This song has taught me a valuable lesson. Even when times are boring, hard, uncertain, and frustrating, it is never too late to have a bit of fun, give in to some temptations, responsibly, of course, and kickback. Have some fun!!




Loosen up a little!

Why is this my favorite song? It just rings freedom, liberty, and brings me back to my old days; jumping around and not caring about the consequences of any of my actions. “Boredom rules, temptation take the wheels” Is a prime representation of what this title is about. Have you ever been bored before? I have, and usually, when I am bored, I like to eat ice cream (Yes, even when I am dieting; temptation is an evil thing). This song is about bowing down to your temptations and dealing with the consequences. Living life in the moment is something I regularly will not do, but sometimes it is beneficial, relaxing, and just plain fun! ‘Another Night’ explains this well, I believe, in its alternate form of a slower pace and rhythmic acoustic. There are consequences to doing many things in life, but it’s the gift of uncertainty that allows us to do it anyway.




3. ANGELS (3/5)




Where would I place this album? Well, I say I have a new song to add to my ‘Upbeat’ Playlist, so that is already a positive! Waking up today, I never intended to add a punk-rock piece to the playlist, but ’13’ has a couple of great selections motivating me to listen to more of their music.

Why should you give ’13’ a try? I did! And punk-rock is never my first cup of tea in the morning! You never know what you can gain from hearing something new. A new sense of direction, a new motivator, or just a new bop. I had fun with these few songs!

Why shouldn’t you give ’13’ a try? Never just completely dodge new sounds is my motto when it comes to music. However, if you are not a punk-rock fan, try steering clear, or if your brave, give it a try! The Camel City Blackouts are just starting to rise as a DIY band, so you have nothing to lose when hearing their music.

Overall, I really enjoyed the album and wish this band well on the rest of their journey! I had the best of fun listening to their music, and it even put me in a better mood!

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