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914loeb Goes After A Baddie In “Bad Habits”



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“Bad Habits” is my kind of love song: A love song that sprinkles a splash of lust and tons of honesty into the equation.

If you aren’t hip to 914loeb, stop everything you’re doing (Including brushing your teeth) and Google this man. In my very humbling opinion, the New York musician has a sound that will make him tons of money in his lifetime. With that being said, I think that 914’s latest single, “Bad Habits,” should be played on every single radio station in America.

“Bad Habits” is powered by an uptempo beat that has both a soulful and hard-hitting side. Over it, 914loeb sings freely about pursuing a chick that has a great body, a bit of a cocky side, a great body, a rebellious side, and a great body. While you’re absolutely going to love the infectious melodies that 914loeb blesses us with in the song (I’m not going to lie, them s**ts are great), I think that the way he pieces together his lyrics makes his raps relatable, appealing, and alluring.

Listen to the very impressive “Bad Habits” below.

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