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ALLBLACK, E-40 & G-Eazy

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Oakland legends, up-and-comers, and household names join forces for “10 Toes.”

When we talk about the best hip-hop cities, we rarely bring up Oakland’s name. In my opinion, the North California city has produced just as many music stars as any other city not named Chicago or New York. Today, “10 Toes,” a song featuring three major players from the Oakland area (ALLBLACK, E-40, and G-Eazy), hit streaming services.

ALLBLACK, G-Eazy, and E-40 remind folks about their unique come-ups, their knack for hustling their asses off, their willingness to put their clicks on, and their alliances to the streets. While ALLBLACK sounds as gutter as it gets in the song (He’s clearly G-Eazy’s shooter), E-40 hits us with his signature unorthodox deliveries and G-Eazy hits us with his signature sly deliveries.

I got five toes down (I’ll be damned if I am dedicating all my toes to work… I need my toes so I can walk to the fridge).

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