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Billie Eilish Puts Up A Captivating Performance In “Your Power”


Billie Eilish

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Dammit, Billie, I promised that I wasn’t going to cry today!

I find it impossible to hate on Billie Eilish (Yet, there are scumbags that do). Not only do I think that she has a phenomenal voice, but I love that every single song that she releases has a deep meaning behind it. Today, the Grammy award-winning musician decided to release “Your Power,” yet another track that will arm wrestle your soul.

Much like all of Billie’s other songs, I’m sure “Your Power” has several different meanings. Personally, what I think the song tackles is the importance of learning, adjusting, and improving yourself based on all of your good and bad experiences. If Billie’s words in the song don’t inspire you to do some self-reflecting, her angelic vocals over an instrumental that is designed to calm your nerves and lower your blood pressure will.

Give Billie Eilish’s “Your Power” a shot and a half below.

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